evanescent love


It was already our Economics class and our teacher gave us an activity. In my place, I couldn’t see clearly the writings of the board so I sat in a different chair which was closer to the blackboard. After copying the given, I went back to my old seat only to find out that he’s sitting on my chair. I wanted my seat back but he sat there to copy the given so I gave him my seat and he gave his in return. :”> Hihi. Then I started analyzing the given but it was very tricky but eventually, I understood it and I knew how to answer it. I was busy answering when he said my name FOR THE FIRST TIME. Oh dear. It was the first time I actually heard him say my name and it was like music to my ears. Okay, I know I am corny. Hahahaha. Then he asked me to explain everything so I did and I was so happy despite the gloomy and cold weather. 

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