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OMG OMG OMG FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE TALKED. I had to cause I had to get his signature. Stupid dorm rules. Ugh It was really embarrassing cause I had to sing in front of him. But whatever, at least I talked to him. Hihihi :>


All the fucking time. WHYYYY


Waste - Foster the people 

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#NowPlaying: Blind Love-Passenger

Trying to hold a love that wants to go/ Is like trying to catch a falling flake of snow/ It glimmers while it can but it will melt between your hands, you know.

To keep alive a love that wants to die/ You teach the birds to swim, implore the fish to fly/ But gills are made for water, and feathers for the sky, you know.

To find a love that’s new where do you start? It’s like trying to find the light switch in the dark/ But falling over mess you left unaddressed inside your heart

But I will find love, that’s a blind love/ It’s the kind of love I need/ Oh well I’ll find love, that’s a blind love/ It’s the kind of love I need.

From now on, this will be a place to share my thoughts and feelings.


He checked my PreFinals Exam in Analytic Geom. Good thing I passed. Hahaha :3


Those times when our eyes just meet. OHMY. <3 


So we had our visual techniques class today and we  were given an easy plate. But I arrived late so I started late and finished kinda late. After finishing my plate, I planned on telling my friends that we’ll eat lunch na since it was 1 PM. But to my dismay, they left without telling me. :| So I was finding for company for lunch and luckily, his bestfriend was free. So we went to the canteen which was very far from our classroom. Then we sat in a four-seater table and I immediately bought food since I was very hungry na. After 5 to 7 minutes, I went back to our table only to find his bag on our table. That only means one thing, he will sit with us, eat lunch with us rather. I was like “WTF?!” Lololol. So I tried to act cool , like him sitting with us didn’t mean anything to me but it did. Haha. :> Then when I sat, he waved at me and I thought he’ll sit with beside his bestfriend, he chose to sit beside me. OH GOD.  I could’ve died, right there, at that moment. :”> So we ate our late lunch then we our conversation led us to a debate about Starfruits and Starapples. Lol.


After classes, my friends and I decided to go to Ayala to buy some really fucking expensive markers. I bought 7 and the total cost was around 950php. I am so broke. Anyways, after buying the markers, we decided to go to Fully Booked since it was still too early to go home. It was around 5 pm and it would be really boring to go home early. So we went to the Architecture part of the books and I opened a book featuring Town homes. Everything was so nice. While scanning the book, we kept on talking.Then suddenly, our friend called on of my friends through a phone call and asked where we were. So my friend told her that we were in Fully Booked and she told us that she will go there with him. He is going to Fully Booked with our friend. This day just keeps on getting better and better. :”> Me and my friends kept on chatting then he and our friend arrived and he said Hi to me first while saying my name too. He said my name! HE SAID MY NAME. :”> So I said Hi to him as well and smiled. Then he asked me what book was I reading then I told him and then he sat beside me. SRSLY?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ But after 15 minutes, he left since his dad was already there to pick him up. Then he said goodbye. This is one of the best days everrrr. :”>

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